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Television series
Original title Emmerdale
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) since 1972
Episodes 8720
genre Soap opera
First broadcast October 16, 1972 on ITV

Emmerdale (until 1989 Emmerdale Farm ) is an award-winning soap opera on British television. The series first ran on October 16, 1972. It is one of the most famous soap operas on British TV. Only Coronation Street and EastEnders are ahead of her . In October 2007 it celebrated its 35th anniversary. The model was the Irish soap opera The Riordans .

The series takes place in the fictional place of the same name in West Yorkshire . Much of the action takes place in the local pub (Woolpack Inn).

From Monday to Friday, Emmerdale can usually be seen at 7pm on ITV . Each episode, including advertising, takes about 30 minutes. The episode on Thursday is 60 minutes long and airs from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The break between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. coincides with EastEnders' broadcast time on BBC 1 on Thursday evening. This separation is intentional: The four big soaps ( Coronation Street and Emmerdale on ITV, EastEnders on BBC 1 and Hollyoaks on Channel 4) are each broadcast in such a way that viewers can theoretically watch all four series without having to record episodes or wait for repetitions . On the weekend ITV 2 repeats all episodes of the past week. Simultaneous translation into sign language will be offered for this repetition.

The series was originally produced by Yorkshire Television and adopted by all ITV stations. After the merger of most of the ITV stations to form ITV, plc. the series is now being produced by ITV Studios.

In June 2008 the 5,000th episode aired. For the 40th anniversary of the series in 2012, one episode was broadcast completely live.


Sorted according to the order of entry.

actor Role name Years
Ryan Hawley
(since 2014)
Robert Sugden 1986–2005, 2009, 2014–
Chris Chittell Eric Pollard 1986–
Claire King Kim Tate 1989-1999


Isabel Hodgins
(since 2006)
Victoria Barton 1994–
Steve Halliwell Zak Dingle 1994–
James Hooton Sam Dingle 1995–1998, 2000–
Alexander Lincoln

(since 2019)

Jamie Tate 1996-1999


Mark Charnock Marlon Dingle 1996–
Dominic Brunt Paddy Kirk 1997–
Samantha Giles Bernice White 1998–2002, 2004, 2012–
Eden Taylor-Draper
(since 2005)
Belle Dingle 1998–
Elizabeth Estensen Diane Sugden 1999–
Jeff Hordley Cain Dingle 2000–2006, 2009–
Emma Atkins Charity Dingle,
Sharma; sch. Tate
2000–2005, 2009–
Tony Audenshaw Bob Hope 2000–
Patrick Mower Rodney Blackstock 2000–
Sally Dexter

(since 2017)

Faith Dingle 2000, 2004,


Nicola Wheeler Nicola King 2001–
Zoe Henry
(since 2010)
Rhona Goskirk 2001, 2002, 2010–
Rosie Bentham
(since 2016)
Gabby Thomas 2001–
Charlotte Bellamy Laurel Thomas 2002–
Lucy Pargeter Chas Dingle 2002–
Charley Webb Debbie Dingle 2002–
Meg Johnson Pearl Ladderbanks 2003–
Danny Miller
(since 2008)
Aaron Dingle 2003–2012, 2014-
Nick Miles Jimmy King 2004–
Jack Downham

(since 2009)

Noah Dingle 2004-2005


Matthew Wolfenden David Metcalfe 2006–
Duncan Preston Douglas "Doug" Potts 2007–11, 2014–
Lesley Dunlop Brenda Walker 2008–
Roxy Shahidi Leyla Harding 2008–11, 2013–
Natalie J. Robb Moira Dingle 2009–
Ash Palmisciano Matti Barton (formerly Hannah) 2009–2012


Chris Bisson Jai Sharma 2009–
Fiona Wade
(since 2011)
Priya Kotecha 2009–
Joe-Warren Plant Jacob Gallagher 2010–
Natalie Ann Jamieson

(since 2019)

Amy Wyatt 2010-2013


Bhasker Patel Rishi Sharma 2011–
Liam Fox Daniel Wayne "Dan" Spencer 2011–
Gaynor Faye Megan Macey 2012–
Laura Norton Kerry Wyatt 2012–
Michelle Hardwick Vanessa Woodfield 2012–
Katherine Dow Blyton Harriet Finch 2013–
Anthony Quinlan Pete Barton 2013–
Jonny McPherson Liam Cavanagh 2014-
Amy Walsh Tracy Shankley 2014–
Isobel Steele Liv Flaherty 2016
Michael Praed Frank Clayton 2016 -
Karen look Lydia Hart 2016-
Andrew Scarborough Graham Foster 2017-
Sandra Marvin Jessie Grant 2017-
Mimi Slinger Leanna Canagh 2018-
Louisa Clein Maya Stepney 2018-
Olivia Bromley Dawn Taylor 2018-
James Moore Ryan Stocks 2018-
Rebecca Sarker Manpreet Sharma 2018-
Asan N'Jie Ellis Chapman 2018-
Jay Kontzle Billy Fletcher 2018-
Joshua Richards Bear wolf 2019-
Dean Andrews Will Taylor 2019-
Jurell Carter Nate Robinson 2019-
Anna Nightingale Andrea Tate 2019-
and other


The original film location changed, but has always remained in North Yorkshire. At first it was Arncliffe. The local hotel (real name The Falcon) was used to represent the invented pub (Woolpack). When the place became better known because of the filming, they moved again in 1976. Esholt (approx. 1500 inhabitants) was the village for the outdoor shots until 1998. The local pub (village pub) was even renamed from “Commercial Inn” to “Woolpack Inn”, as the pub is also called in the series, during filming. The shooting also made Esholt a popular tourist attraction. Since 1998, the outdoor shots that take place in Emmerdale - with a few exceptions - have been filmed on a purpose-built set near Leeds. Due to their design, the buildings are considered temporary under British law. ITV Studios must therefore renew the building permit every ten years or demolish "Emmerdale". Of course, there are currently no plans for the latter. Scenes that take place in the area are also largely filmed in and around Leeds. So Otley is used for the fictional place Hotten. The farm's buildings are near the village of Leathley (also in North Yorkshire). Additional footage was filmed at Benton Park School in Rawdon and Farnley Elementary School. Most of the interior shots were taken at the Emmerdale Production Center in Leeds . In early 2009, filming also took place in Belfast .

Transmission areas

In Ireland, Emmerdale is simultaneously broadcast on TV 3. You can also see them on TV in Sweden since the 1970s. TV2 originally aired the series. Hem till gården , as the series is called in Sweden, has been shown Monday to Friday at 12:25 p.m. on TV4 since 1994, with a delay, of course. In Sweden, 2 episodes are broadcast on weekdays, so TV 4 is catching up with the British broadcast. The gap is now less than a year. In Finland, Emmerdale runs Monday through Friday at 6 p.m. (repeats at 10:40 a.m. the following day) on MTV3. In early 2007 it was announced that Emmerdale would also be shown in Romania. Romanian broadcaster Pro TV has bought 50 episodes of the series.

Outside of Europe, Emmerdale is broadcast in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, for example. It also reaches viewers in the Middle East, Cyprus and Malta via satellite television (Granada UKTV). Since the beginning of March, Emmerdale can also be seen in the USA for the first time. The new service britbox, jointly operated by the BBC and ITV, streams the latest episodes just a few hours after their premiere on British television.


Although Emmerdale is a tranquil village, there is an astonishingly well-developed infrastructure: There is a well-frequented pub, the Home Farm, a "corner shop", a veterinary practice, a church, a car repair shop, a bed and breakfast Junkyard, beauty salon, and candy factory where many of the characters work. In the neighboring fictional town of Hotten there are more bars, restaurants and a small LGBT scene. A police station and a prison in the immediate vicinity complete the facilities. A bus route connects Emmerdale with other towns in the area.

Outside the UK and countries where Emmerdale is televised, the series is best known for the gay character Aaron Dingle (until mid-2016 Aaron Livesy) portrayed by Danny B. Miller. His relationship with Robert Sugden is called "RobRon" by the international fan base. Prior to this current story, the focus was on Aaron's coming out and his relationship with Jackson. He was completely paralyzed in an accident and asked Aaron to assist him in dying. Miller has received numerous major British television awards for his portrayal.

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