Epistulae ex Ponto

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Epistulae ex Ponto ("Letters from the Black Sea") is a collection of 46 "letters" by the Roman poet Ovid in elegiac distiches , which are spread over four books. Ovid wrote it between AD 12 and 17 during his exile on the Black Sea . They are the continuation of the Tristien and contain roughly the same motifs : Describing the hardships of exile combined with the request for mercy. They differ from the Tristien in the specific addressing of people from the Emperor Augustus ' environment , especially Germanicus . The tone of the letters is more conciliatory than in the Tristien and expresses a certain affection for the inhabitants of Tomis . The letters are carried by a melancholy tone. The letters are especially important for the knowledge of the living conditions in Scythia Minor during Ovid's time.



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