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Erminoldmeister: High grave of Abbot Erminold, around 1283, Regensburg ( Checking Abbey )

Erminoldmeister is the emergency name for a medieval sculptor who is unknown by name and who created a high grave for Erminold , the first abbot of the convent near Regensburg, around 1280 . More recent research now sees this sculptor as the cathedral master builder Ludwig, who was appointed from the Upper Rhine to Regensburg around 1280.

Other stone sculptures in Regensburg are also ascribed to the Erminold master himself.

The tomb of Erminold

The high grave of Abbot Erminold, carved out of red marble, stands in the middle of the three-aisled (former) Abbey Church of St. George of the monastery and was for a time the focus of a (officially not officially officially recognized) worship of the abbot in the Middle Ages. The Erminoldmeister represents the abbot lying life-size on the preserved cover plate, in a tradition of grave monuments that emerged at the time the work was created. The style of the very vividly depicted figure stands at the transition from the early Gothic to the high Gothic . In other works by the master, influences on his work through contemporary sculptures in Strasbourg and Paris are said to be recognizable. The art historian Achim Hubel examined the high grave in his dissertation.

Other works (selection)

In addition to the high grave for Erminold, from which the emergency name Erminoldmeister is derived, the two stone sculptures of the Annunciation group ( Mary with angel) on the two western crossing pillars in Regensburg Cathedral are ascribed to the sculptor . The angel's beaming smile has become one of Regensburg's landmarks. The sculpture on the west portal of Basel Minster is one of the other attributions .

Individual evidence

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