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Ernst Georg Karl Sigismund (born May 20, 1873 in Leipzig ; † 1953 ) was a German teacher and art historian .


Sigismund attended the Dresden Kreuzgymnasium from 1884 to 1892 and then completed a degree in theology , which he completed with a Cand. rev. min. et paed. (Candidatus reverendi Ministerii et Paedagogii). From 1896 he taught as vicar at the rural evangelical seminar in Bautzen . In the following year he switched to the teaching seminar in Löbau as an assistant teacher before he took up a position as a permanent teacher at the seminar in Dresden-Friedrichstadt in 1899 . In 1903 he was appointed senior teacher there. From 1911 until it was closed in 1928, he taught at the teachers' college in Oschatz and then worked there as senior teacher at what is now called the Deutsche Oberschule . In 1934 he had himself taken into early permanent retirement upon request. He then taught as a professor at the Dresden Art Academy .

He published numerous studies on art and artists from Saxony, in particular he wrote a large number of articles for the Thieme-Becker artist lexicon . He was a member of the Saxon Art Association .

Sigismund is buried in the Trinity Cemetery in Dresden.

Publications (selection)

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  • Christoph August Kirsch, a forgotten painter of the 18th century. Jeß, Dresden 1939.
  • Caspar David Friedrich. An outline drawing. Jeß, Dresden 1943.

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