Eyvindr Skáldaspillir

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Eyvindr skáldaspillir (= the Skaldenverderber ) (actually Eyvindr Finsson * to 920; † around 990 in Alstahaug ) was a Norwegian skald .


Eyvind descends on his mother's side from the Norwegian King Harald Fairhair (resigned 930, † 940), whose illegitimate daughter Ingeborg was married to Jarl Halfdan. Their daughter Gunhild Halfdansdotter - the mother Eyvinds - was married to Fin Skjalge - the father Eyvinds.


His nickname is attributed to the fact that he damaged many skalds by plagiarizing them. He lived in Sandnes in Helgeland . Hákonarmál is the last great princely poem that has come down to us from a Norwegian . After Eyvind's time it was the Icelanders who wrote the prince's praise.

After the death of Håkon the Good , Eyvind came into sharp conflict with Harald Gråfell and his brothers. There are verses passed down from him in which he belittles the new rulers. His friends had to mediate with the king, and he then became the skald of the new king Harald Gráfeldr. There is a single stanza of his praise for Harald, and there he praises him exclusively for his martial bravery, for nothing else.

His son was Hárek from Tjøtta. This played an important role in the time of Olav I. Tryggvason and Olav Haraldsson .

Individual evidence

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