Fürstenwalder Spree

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As Fürstenwalder Spree is that portion of the river Spree , through the city of Fürstenwalde / Spree flows and their neighboring communities. It begins at the confluence of the Drahendorfer Spree and Oder-Spree Canal north of Drahendorf ( Lage ) and merges into the Oder-Spree Canal and the Müggelspree in the Weir Große Tränke ( Lage ). The Fürstenwalder Spree is part of the Spree in its entire course and merges into the Oder-Spree Canal.

A special feature of the Fürstenwalder Spree is that some of the original river arms and the original course of the Spree are still partially preserved. After the canal was opened, two locks , the Große Tränke lock and the Fürstenwalde lock, were built. The Große Tränke lock, which had been unused for decades, was demolished in 2004.

The banks of the Spree are located directly on the Spree in Fürstenwalde, where you can swim and relax.