Fachbuchverlag Leipzig

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The Fachbuchverlag Leipzig is a publishing house that was founded in early 1949 by several shareholders (including FDGB , Chamber of Technology ). The first managing director was Heinz Schöbel . From 1960 to 1990 the specialist book publisher was a state-owned company . He was one of the two most renowned technical and scientific publishers in the German Democratic Republic , whose specialist books were also widespread in the FRG. The books were very popular with West German students because of their low price, but above all because of the good didactics . He also edited professional magazines.

In 1995 the specialist book publisher was taken over by the Munich Carl Hanser Verlag and continues to exist there as an imprint . Some of the editors at Carl Hanser Verlag continue to publish around 60 specialist books under the brand. The subject areas are general technology , mechanical engineering , electrical engineering , computer science , environmental and media technology , as well as economics , plastics and process engineering .

Among the particularly popular 32 volumes of paperback books that have been printed in millions, the 20th edition of the Taschenbuch der Physik (“Kuchling”) is the bestseller (also under license from Harri Deutsch ).


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