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A specialist company is a company with technical competence in a certain sector. From various industry associations such as B. the German Association of Gas and Water , certificates are awarded to prove the qualification of the company. In the certification process, the companies are checked according to defined criteria. The basis for this is usually a subject-specific reference to quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 .

Examples of criteria for the certification of specialist companies

  • Corporate structure
  • Organization of work processes
    • professional documentation of the working principles
    • Quality management manual
    • Knowledge management
  • qualified staff
    • Instruction and advanced training of the specialist staff
    • Commissioning third parties
    • On call
  • suitable technical equipment

Use of the term in the construction industry

In the construction industry , construction companies are also referred to as specialist contractors if they work as a sole trader. The specialist company is usually specialized in one or more service areas ( trades ) of construction, while a general contractor organizes and carries out all construction services for the completion of a building , or subcontracts them. A general contractor also takes on the planning services.

The award of specialist workers to specialist contractors is usually more cost-effective than the award of a complete package to a general contractor (cf. Section 97 (3) GWB and Section 4 No. 2 VOB / A), since surcharges for the coordination effort are included in the general contractor's offers. These surcharges do not apply to the awarding of specialist lots, since the client or the architectural office commissioned by him will take over the coordination .

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