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A trade is the term used to describe manual and structural work in the construction industry.

In the construction industry , a trade generally includes the work that can be assigned to a self-contained construction area. In the construction sector, craft ( HWK ) and industrial ( IHK ) professions usually depict the activities of the trades that define the profession. The procurement and contract regulations for construction works (VOB) also subdivide the trades in Part C and describe the respective general technical contract conditions for construction works. The division of trades in VOB / C usually goes deeper than the typical allocation units for trades. As a rule, the contracting authorities are obliged to award the contract on a trade basis. Private entities may also to a complete construction general contractor awarded or grouped trades advertise .

Classic trades (examples)

The classic trades are z. B. for master builder work in the VOB / C further subdivided into:

A further division of the trades takes place in building construction into the two groups shell construction and expansion .

The term is sometimes used in other industries. Particularly in the film and advertising industry or in internet agencies, individual fields of activity within a team or a production are sometimes referred to as a trade (in film production, camera, light, sound or text work, graphics work).

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