Wrong filet

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Beef shoulder
Fake veal fillet with potato gratin and broccoli

The false fillet (also called shoulder fillet or bowel loin ) is a section of the shoulder of beef or pork , more precisely the upper bone muscle ( Musculus supraspinatus ). Since the wrong fillet has a strong tendon running through it, it is not suitable for quick frying, but rather for braising and cooking . Only its shape is reminiscent of the real fillet , but the quality of the meat is not that high.

In the Alemannic world, the wrong fillet is also referred to as a "medallion"; but this is not to be confused with the medallions that are cut from the middle part of the real fillet.

Synonyms for the false fillet of beef are: bow fillet, bow loin, bow lummer, false loin, Linchen, Juden fillet, Jew loin, Jew loin, lean chisel, shoulder fillet, shoulder loin.

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