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USGS geologist Samuel Ward Loper records from 1901

A field book is a documentation of survey and other exploration results from technicians and scientists.

In the field of geodesy, the technical drawing of a surveyor, which is made "in the field", i.e. outdoors on a field book frame , is called a field book. The drawing is usually not to scale, a ruler does not necessarily have to be used. The field books are considered as certificates in surveying, the originals are in principle archived, even if they are heavily soiled, got wet, etc. Often a clean mark is made in the office, this is always just a supplement to the original field book. The drawing is done on normal paper or, more recently, waterproof paper using a non-correctable pen, formerly a copier pen , now a ballpoint pen or felt pen. Pencils are not permitted, nor are corrections using Tipp-Ex. Corrections are carried out by crossing out the character element to be corrected. Multi-colored drawings are unusual; black pencils dominate. The use of green pens is prohibited, as the green color is reserved for building authorities.

The field book of geoscientists is the primary record that is created through inspections in the field as a result of measurements, sampling, profile investigations or sightings. It includes textual and graphic information. Typical applications of the field book are inspections of natural and artificial geological outcrops as well as recording work to create a geological map . In many places, dealing with the field book is part of university geologist training. Increasingly, portable computers are replacing the handwritten notebook and are called electronic field books or field computers .


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