Fernando Chueca Goitia

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Fernando Chueca Goitia (born May 29, 1911 , † October 30, 2004 in Madrid ) was a Spanish historian and one of the most important representatives of Spanish architecture of the 20th century .

Among other things, he was involved in the construction of Madrid's Almudena Cathedral until 1993 . In addition, he planned the expansion of the Prado Museum and the restoration of the San Cayetano Church in Madrid. His writing “Invariantes Castizos de la arquitectura española” (“Pure Invariants of Spanish Architecture”, 1947) had a great influence; in it he postulated something like a very special essence of Spanish architecture, rooted in the Moorish tradition and remaining the same over the centuries.

Publications (selection)

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  • Arquitectura del siglo XVI , Madrid: Éditorial Plus-Ultra, 1953
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