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Telecommunication craftsman is a former apprenticeship at the Deutsche Bundespost . This three and a half year apprenticeship was finally discontinued in 1989 and replaced by the communications electronics technician in 1987 .

The similar training in industry - e.g. B. at Siemens , Telefonbau und Normalzeit (or Telenorma ), SEL , TeKaDe or DeTeWe - called himself a telecommunications fitter since 1936 and was replaced in December 1972 by graduate training as a telecommunications installer and telecommunications electronics technician . The telecommunications installer / telecommunications electronics technician was also replaced, like the telecommunications technician, from 1987 onwards by the communications electronics technician with now standardized training plans.

In the craft of professional since 1934 was telecommunications engineer , from 1987 Fernmeldeanlagenlektroniker and since 2003 electronics engineer, specializing in information and telecommunications technology

The telecommunications craftsman worked in various areas of telecommunications technology . These included laying and connecting telecommunication cables in line technology , the intercom equipment and its troubleshooting in the field, to the maintenance and operation of private branch exchanges and exchanges .

The examination extended to the skills of material processing, call station construction, telephone interference suppression and switching technology as well as the knowledge subjects technical knowledge, technical computing and economics, social and professional studies. In addition to the exam-relevant subjects, the trainees were also taught the basics of electrical engineering.

At Swiss Post, the training was the first step in a desired career path in the middle telecommunications service and thus an obligatory subsequent master craftsman training with the following civil service. After the apprentices were taken over by Swiss Post, employment was designed to enable them to pass the master craftsman's examination as quickly as possible. The selection of the apprentices and the training to become a telecommunications technician were already designed to be demanding in order to ensure that as few as possible failed on the way to becoming a master after a successful first training step.

Due to the innovations in the field of telecommunications, the training to become a telecommunications technician has been redesigned and renamed accordingly. The last telecommunication craftsmen began their three-year training in 1986 and finished them with the final examination in June 1989.

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