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Communication electronics technician is a job title that was officially trained from August 1, 1987 to August 1, 2003 . In 1987, this replaced the training to become a radio electronics technician , telecommunications technician and information electronics technician . The training as a communications electronics technician itself was replaced in 2003, together with training for other industrial electrical professions, by the electronics technician for devices and systems and the systems IT specialist.

A communications electronics technician has the task of putting electronic components and assemblies into operation, for example the configuration of a telephone system . He carries out function and performance tests with the necessary electronic measuring, testing and testing devices, such as B. the oscilloscope . The communication electronics technician documents commissioning as well as test and measurement results. He makes error diagnoses and also eliminates the errors. He also takes care of the right hardware requirements , for example, and ensures networking and the appropriate connection to the Internet .

The prerequisite for training as a communications electronics engineer was at least a secondary school diploma . However, applicants with a secondary school leaving certificate were given preference by most of the training companies. Good knowledge of physics and mathematics was an advantage. In Baden-Württemberg, attending the three-year vocational college for electronics / electrical engineering, you could acquire secondary school leaving certificate. The training lasted 3.5 years and took place for the most part in the training company, in addition to the theoretical part in the vocational school . A previously completed 1-year vocational school meant that the second year of training could be started straight away.

Training was given in three subjects: telecommunications technology , radio technology and information technology . The first two years of training had the same focus in all directions and then during the last 1.5 years the corresponding subject was trained.

With the ordinance on the reorganization of electrical professions of July 3, 2003 (Federal Law Gazette p. 1144), the new vocational training electronics technician for devices and systems and systems IT specialist replaced that of communication electronics .

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