Mainland Celtic languages

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As mainland Celtic languages (or continental Celtic languages ) originally spoken in mainland Europe is part of the Celtic languages referred. All of these languages in antiquity or shortly thereafter died .

Celtic language areas over time or the spread of Celtic peoples and languages:
  • Area of ​​the Hallstatt culture in the 6th century BC Chr.
  • Largest Celtic extension, around 275 BC. Chr.
  • Lusitania (Celtic settlement uncertain)
  • The "six Celtic Nations ", which had a significant number of speakers of Celtic languages until the early modern period
  • The current range of Celtic languages
  • Of these, five mainland Celtic languages ​​are known, all of whose names represent artifacts of the modern age ; they have come down to us in more or less extensive fragments:

    It is very likely that there were other Celtic languages ​​and dialects on the European continent before and around the turn of the times .

    The Breton is not a mainland Celtic language, as it was brought about in the 4th century by emigrants from Südbritannien to northern France.

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