Finley Heights

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Finley Heights
location Palmerland , Antarctic Peninsula
Finley Heights (Antarctic Peninsula)
Finley Heights
Coordinates 69 ° 13 ′  S , 63 ° 13 ′  W Coordinates: 69 ° 13 ′  S , 63 ° 13 ′  W

The Finley Heights are a series of rugged, coastal mountain peaks up to 1070  m high that rise between the estuaries of the Bingham Glacier and the Lurabee Glacier on the Wilkins coast of the Palmerland .

The discovery was made by the Australian polar explorer Hubert Wilkins during an overflight on December 20, 1928. Wilkins mistakenly took it for an island that is located in a supposed channel that in turn cuts through the Antarctic Peninsula . The American geologist WLG Joerg was able to clarify the actual nature of the object based on comparisons with the aerial photographs of the American polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth from 1935 and with the help of the reports of the British Graham Land Expedition (1934-1937). Joerg's findings were confirmed by subsequent overflights in 1940 with the United States Antarctic Service Expedition (1939-1941). The formation is named after John Huston Finley (1863-1940), editor of the New York Times and president of the American Geographical Society from 1925 to 1934.

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