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Fly! is a flight simulation for Windows and Mac OS developed by Terminal Reality and published by Gathering of Developers in 1999 , which was distinguished by its detailed cockpit instrumentation and the extensive simulation of the aircraft systems.


Fly was developed and launched as a competitor product to the leading flight simulators of the time. It aimed in particular to starting to be better than the Flight Simulator 98 Microsoft Flight Unlimited III by Looking Glass Studios or the Pro Pilot of Sierra Entertainment . One goal was to make the graphics, the scope and the realism of Fly better than the competing products. Terminal Reality, however, hastily released an unstable version of the simulator with many errors for the 1999 Christmas business. Although Terminal Reality reacted and released a patch almost simultaneously with the appearance of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 in autumn 1999 , which eliminated the most important errors, the trust of the customers could not be regained.


The simulation offered five aircraft to choose from:

The flight simulator offers very detailed cockpits with an interactive control option for all instruments. Over 9000 airports with more than 13500 runways in 200 countries can be served.


“The one major problem with the flight model is that none of these planes can be crashed. They just don't crash at all, ever. Run 'em into mountains, ground, water, and they just skip like a stone […]. Not only do they not break up: They take off again. "

“The main problem with this flight model is that none of these planes can be destroyed. They don't break, never. Steer them into mountains, the ground, water, and they bounce like a stone [...]. Not only do they not break: they take off again. "

- GameSpot - Fly! Review

"Fly! 'S biggest problems are its misplaced emphasis on avionics, its lack of adequate documentation, and its indestructible titanium miracle planes."

"Fly! The biggest problems are the misplaced emphasis on avionics, the lack of adequate documentation and the indestructible Titan wonder aircraft. "

- Fly! IGN


A new edition followed under the name Fly! 2K , which was a patched version of Fly! With an additional scenery CD included.

The significantly improved version Fly! II could no longer hold its own against the Microsoft competition and it soon disappeared from the market. Due to the death of chief developer Richard Harvey and the low popularity of the Fly! Series, development was discontinued.

Since 2003 a small community of open source developers has been working on an add-on called Fly! Legacy worked. It's supposed to fly! 2 Replace the main program (exe) and remain fully compatible with earlier versions, sceneries, aircraft, etc. The first publicly available version appeared in 2010.

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