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Fondor is a universal seasoning from Maggi (a brand of Nestlé AG since 1947 ), which was launched in 1954 in yellow-red shakers as a copy of Aromat . In addition to the German-speaking region, it is also sold in Brazil and South Africa.

Since 2002, with herbal Fondor a variant with dried herbs. For the catering industry there is a large pack of 1 kg and, since 2005, Mega Fondor as granulate in large packs of 900 g and 12 kg.


The main ingredients are iodized salt , starch and glutamate , a flavor enhancer . In addition, there are hydrogenated vegetable oil , spices and spice extracts, which also contain seasoning .

According to the manufacturer, Fondor contains 15% protein, 21% carbohydrates (of which 0.2% sugar), 3.9% fat (of which 2.6% saturated fatty acids), 0.1% fiber and 59.3% salt .

It should not be used in psoriasis (psoriasis) and liver disease because of some of the ingredients.


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