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Area of ​​Expertise Business journalism
language English
publishing company Forbes Inc. ( USA )
First edition 1917
Frequency of publication Fortnightly
Editor-in-chief Steve Forbes
editor Steve Forbes
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The former Forbes building on Fifth Avenue in New York City

Forbes is an English language magazine and one of the most successful business magazines in the world. It is published by Forbes Inc., headquartered in Jersey City , New Jersey . The magazine appears fortnightly with a circulation of over a million copies and has 27 licensed country editions, including in Africa, China, India and Russia. Since October 2017, the German-language edition has united the catchment area of Baden-Württemberg , Bavaria , Liechtenstein , Austria , Switzerland and South Tyrol. A significant part of the magazine's content can also be accessed online free of charge.


Forbes edition from 1918

Forbes was founded in 1917 by the Scottish immigrant Bertie Charles Forbes (1880-1954), who was previously a business columnist at Hearst , among other things . After his death in 1954, his son Bruce Charles Forbes (1916–1964) took over the business. After Bruce's death, his brother Malcolm Forbes (1919–1990) took over the management. After Malcolm's death, his eldest son, Malcolm Stevenson "Steve" Forbes Jr. (* 1947) became President and CEO of Forbes and editor-in-chief of the magazine.


Forbes is known for the many rankings it creates on various topics, such as:

  • The world's Billionaires list, published annually, lists all people around the world whose estimated personal wealth exceeds one billion US dollars.
  • The Forbes 400 lists the 400 richest Americans annually.
  • The list The World's Most Powerful People is a ranking of the 72 most powerful people in the world.
  • The World's 100 Most Powerful Women has been published since 2004. Criteria for assessing power are media appearance, measured against press quotes, and political and economic influence. In 2004 and 2005 the list was headed by Condoleezza Rice and Wu Yi . In 2006, Angela Merkel placed herselfat number one on the list as the newly elected German Chancellor and has achieved this rank every year in a row since then (with the exception of 2010) until 2020.
  • The Forbes Global 2000 is a ranking of the 2000 largest companies in the world and replaced the Forbes 500 list in 2003 , a ranking of the 500 largest companies in the USA.
  • The Fictional 15 is a list of the 15 richest fictional characters.

Other lists include the highest paid international athletes, hedge fund managers and celebrities as well as the richest people in individual countries.

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