Fort Apocalypse

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Fort Apocalypse
Publisher Synapse software
Senior Developer Steve Hales
Joe Vierra
platform Atari 400/800 , Commodore 64
genre Shoot 'em up
Game mode 1 player
control joystick
system advantages
16kByte RAM
medium Diskette , cassette , cartridge
language English

Fort Apocalypse is a computer game developed under the leadership of Steve Hales for the Atari 400/800 , which was distributed worldwide from 1982 by the American software manufacturer Synapse Software . A conversion for the Commodore 64 (by Joe Vierra ) was published in the same year. In the late 1980s, the game was reissued by various low-cost providers.

The task in the game is to use a helicopter to penetrate the well-protected reactor of an underground fortress in order to destroy it. To do this, you navigate through the levels "Crystaline Caves" and the "Vaults of Draconis", where you also have to free 16 prisoners. On the way you encounter numerous laser traps, enemy tanks and other security measures that have to be overcome.

Relicensing and source code

In 2007 the game was relicensed under a Creative Commons license and published on IgorLabs, a website owned by Steve Hales and other game developers.

On 23 April 2015 published Steve Hales the assembler source code of Fort Apocalypse on GitHub for historical reasons. An account was opened on Twitter with the publication, which announced that, provided that enough followers would follow this account, a version for iOS and Android could appear.

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