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Synapse software

legal form Corporation
resolution 1986
Reason for dissolution Closure by parent company Brøderbund
Seat Richmond, California , United StatesUnited StatesUnited States 
management Ihor Volosenko
Branch Software development

Synapse Software was a US software company. It was based in Richmond , California . The company was founded by Ihor Wolosenko and Ken Grant and was one of the better-known software houses in the 1980s.

Well-known productions include Fort Apocalypse by Steve Hales , Blue Max and Shamus by William Mataga, and the adventure Mindwheel , on which Hales and Mataga worked with the poet Robert Pinsky . The action games programmed by Bill Williams for Synapse also sold well; the Ludo historian Jimmy Maher calls Synapse Software the "masters of Atari 8-bit action games". The covers of the Synapse games were designed by Tim Boxell, who had previously drawn comics and was a friend of Wolosenko.

The studio also produced user software for the Atari home computers . Programs like SynFile or SynCalc were partly aimed at professional users and were published by Atari . After the video game Crash 1983, Atari was sold to Jack Tramiel , who refused to pay for 40,000 Synapse software products that had already been shipped. In 1984 Synapse got into financial difficulties and signed a contract in October 1984 that regulated the takeover by Brøderbund . Two years later, Synapse was closed due to a lack of profitability. Another text adventure, which had the world of the samurai as its content, was completed by this time, but was no longer published.


Surname year genre Publisher
Alley Cat 1983 Jump 'n' run Ariolasoft
Blue Max 1983 Action Synapse
Blue Max 2001 1984 Action Ariolasoft
Breakers 1986 Text adventure Brøderbund
Brimstone 1985 Text adventure Brøderbund
Dimension X 1984 Action Synapse
Doughboy 1984 Action Synapse
Drelbs 1983 strategy Synapse
Electrician 1986 Action Kemco
Essex 1985 Text adventure Brøderbund
Fort Apocalypse 1982 Action Synapse
Mind Walker 1986 Action Commodore
Mindwheel 1984 Text adventure Brøderbund
Necromancer 1982 Action Synapse
Sentinel 1984 Action Synapse
Shamus 1982 Action Synapse


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