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Forum 21

description European journal for youth policy
Frequency of publication irregular
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Forum 21 is a specialist journal for youth policy . It appears in three languages ​​with English, French and German contributions.

The editors are IJAB - Specialized Agency for International Youth Work of the Federal Republic of Germany. V. based in Bonn , The National Youth Agency (NYA) based in Leicester and l'Institut National de la Jeunesse et de l'Éducation Populaire (INJEP) based in Marly-le-Roi .

The publication, which is also published irregularly, is funded by the European Communities , the Council of Europe and the British, German and French specialist ministries.

In terms of content, the magazine is not limited to the youth policy of the participating countries, but sees itself as a European-wide reporting body for youth policy.

Web links

  • Forum 21 on the website of the Council of Europe