Frank Silver

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Frank Silver ( Frank Silverstadt ; born September 8, 1896 in Boston , † June 14, 1960 in New York City ) was an American songwriter, band leader and vaudeville actor .

Silver composed more than 75 songs, including Icky-Wicky-Woo , Gold Digger Blues and What Do We Get From Boston? Beans, beans, beans . His biggest success was Yes! We Have No Bananas , a hit he wrote with Irving Cohn in 1922 for the Broadway revue Make it Snappy , where it was sung by Eddie Cantor . The song became the hit of 1923 and was quoted in numerous cinema and television films. The text of the German-language version (" Ausgereglich Bananen! ") Comes from Fritz Löhner . The money that Silver made with the song, he lost in the stock market crash in 1929 . Silver directed the Frank Silver's Dance Orchestra and also worked as a vaudeville actor.