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Frank William Peek (* 1881 ; † 1933 ) was an American electrical engineer .

He worked at General Electric in the high voltage laboratory in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, founded in 1912 . On the initiative of Charles P. Steinmetz and under the direction of Giuseppe Faccioli , he investigated insulation systems of transformers , arcing on insulators of high-voltage lines and the influence of real lightning strikes on high-voltage lines.

In June 1923 they were able to generate artificial lightning bolts of 2,000,000  volts . They had three 10 meter high transformer towers, wrapped with 100  miles of wire, sunk in tanks with 40,000  gallons of oil and the whole thing in a protective cage made of steel wire. In 1922 he became a Fellow of the American Physical Society .

In August 1928 he was able to generate lightning with 3,600,000 volts.

He died in a car accident near Gascones, Canada.

Peek's Formula was used to calculate corona discharge losses between 1911 and 1924 .

Peek also developed a formula for calculating the corona inception voltage on overhead lines. This formula takes into account a. the first time by a correction factor m1 the roughness (eg 0.98 ... 0.88 for harsh, prolonged exposure to the atmosphere exposed wires. 0.9 for old, 0.87 for new Al-ropes) of conductor cables and m2 for the Weather conditions (e.g. 1 for dry and 0.8 for bad weather such as fog, rain, snow; hoarfrost or ice droplets sometimes result in significantly lower values). The corona inception voltage calculated according to Peek agrees quite well with values ​​measurable on overhead lines with single conductors. On the other hand, threshold voltages calculated on bundle conductors using the equivalent radius instead of the conductor radius in Peek's formula differ greatly.


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