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Frau von W. (also F. von W .; Margaret [h] e von Wolf ; bl. 1837 to 1842) was a German novelist who appeared around 1837 . Your anonymity has been preserved to this day.


She was probably from Schleswig-Holstein, a baron , not infrequently traveled, lived in Copenhagen and was placed on the German book market on a friendly basis by Lucie von Pückler-Muskau ( see Hermann von Pückler-Muskau ). In any case, it was emphatically launched there by the successful author Leopold Schefer at the time , which he never did before. It was received by authors from Junge Deutschland such as Karl Gutzkow and Theodor Mundt, among others . Its literary trace is lost again after 1842; possible later publications did not appear under your pseudonym.

Bettina Clausen's Leopold Schefer bibliography is the most accessible to the few sources with differing assumptions about the name of this author . Work and reception 1799–1985 (Bangert & Metzler, Frankfurt am Main 1985, p. 123.128f). Schefer's authorship rules them out.


She is remarkable for her strikingly subtle knowledge of the emotional life of young women and girls. This won her readers . She combines (to put it in a Biedermeier style ) tenderness with realistic observation and deep dialogue. Her unpretentious language is at the level of education of her time, with influences from Berlin romanticism . The prose pieces are constructed in an undemanding manner, they are told in episode style one after the other, stories within stories often appear. In terms of content, it shows the milieu knowledge of the officer and country nobility , geographical knowledge of northern Germany, Italy and France, for example, and artistic, especially musical interests and knowledge of painting and landscape gardening. Her keynote is melancholy, serene resignation .


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Likelihood of confusion

Mrs. v. W. should not be confused with Johanna Isabella Eleonore von Wallenrodt (1740–1819), who wrote about the sensations of the spirit in poems by Fr. W. brought out.

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