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Under an insolence is generally parlance a disrespect understood. Above all, this includes presumptuous and outrageous behavior. It is mainly an accusation against children, but in older literary language it also smacks of resistance (with cheeky courage ) .

Word usage

Today's sense of cheek was only developed in New High German . Previously, cheeky meant something like “untamed”, “eager” in Old High German and then changed to vrech in Middle High German as “ brave ”, “bold”, “lively”, “bold”, “ bold ”. At times, instead of cheek, the French term sottise (from French: sot = fool) was used, which in this context meant something like impropriety, foolishness or stupid prank and insulting suggestive speech . According to Duden, impertinence is a synonym for impudence.

The adjective cheeky is also used less often as a compliment for conspicuous externalities (example: “You have a cheeky hairstyle” ).

Cheeky badger

Boarding school education and student memorial “Frechdachs” in front of it

Cheeky badger is an exclamation that is directed as a reproach or slight abuse, especially at children and young people who “take too much out of themselves”. But it can also be used jokingly and approvingly and is found in the 21st century as a rather affectionate term for pets and children.

Franz Harder takes the view that the "vulgar expression cheeky badger is not to be thought of the badger , but of the dachshund , the dachshund ". This view can also be found in a publication by the General German Language Association .

According to other theories, the term goes back to the badger's habit, when he has children, to defend his den against larger predators. "Cheeky" is used here in the old meaning of "brave".

The origin of the cheeky badger could also be just a Latin donkey bridge, namely “audax” (adjective) for “cheeky” (“cheeky”), such as “clam” (adjective / adverb) for “secretly”, from which “klammheimlich” " developed.

The Frechdachs student memorial stands in front of the Pädagogium boarding school in Bad Sachsa .

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