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Fridiburga was an Alemannic nun and abbess of the Metz Monastery of St. Peter in the 7th century.


Fridiburga was the daughter of the Alemannic Duke Gunzo . She was with the Merovingian Sigibert III. (638–656) engaged, but fell seriously ill shortly before the wedding. After the saint's life of St. Gall , Sigibert sent two bishops to Fridiburga with rich gifts so that they could free them from the demon of disease, but in vain. When St. Gallus came to Überlingen, the Duke's court, shortly afterwards, he healed Fridiburga. She was then brought to Metz , where she fled from the royal palace to the church of St. Stephen . On the advice of the bishops, Sigibert renounced his marriage to Fridiburga and married Chimnechild in 646. Fridiburga lived as a nun in St. Peter's Monastery in Metz , where she then became abbess.