Friedrich Wilhelm August Bischoff

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Friedrich Wilhelm August Bischoff (born August 26, 1804 in Halberstadt ; † July 11, 1857 in Nuremberg) was a lawyer in the Prussian civil service.

Bischoff studied law in Halle and Berlin , became an auscultator at the city court in Berlin in 1827 , trainee lawyer in 1829, and an assessor of the chamber court in 1834 . In 1835 he was appointed to the Ministry of Legislation and Justice Administration of the Rhine Province as an unskilled worker, in 1838 to the District Court Councilor, in 1842 to the Secret Judiciary Council and, after the dissolution of the Ministry of Legislation, in 1848, he was appointed lecturer in the Ministry of Justice, in which position he primarily the drafts of the Criminal Code of 1851 and worked on the bankruptcy proceedings of 1855 and made merits in improving the prison system. He was also a speaker at the conference, which had been meeting in Nuremberg since January 5, 1857, to discuss the German Commercial Code , which was based on the draft he had worked on. He died July 11, 1857 in Nuremberg.