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Fritz Steinmetz , actually Friedrich Paul Steinmetz (born May 10, 1917 in Berlin , † July 21, 2008 in Kassel ), was a German athlete , sports official and sports historian.

life and career

Fritz Steinmetz began his sporting career at the Police SV Berlin and moved to SC Charlottenburg in 1934 . In 1934/35 he was a member of the victorious youth relay of the Potsdam-Berlin race . From 1937 to 1941, the middle-distance runner acted as an association referee. From 1940 to 1990, most recently as chief announcer, he was a speaker at more than 500 athletics events in Germany, including championships and international matches. After serving in the war and as a prisoner of war, he acted from 1946 to 1948 as organizational manager and press attendant of the German championships. In July 1954 he became managing director of the German Athletics Association in Kassel and remained in this position until 1980. In 1972 he became honorary general secretary of the Association of Track and Field Statisticians (ATFS, International Association of Athletics Statisticians ). He was a board member of the Hessian Athletics Association and for 17 years treasurer at KSV Hessen Kassel and head of the athletics department. Steinmetz was press officer and instructor of the Hessian Association (HLV) for 15 years, as well as a member of the Presidium of the Hessian Athletics Association. He was also deputy chairman for eleven years, prior to that as a popular sports warden and secretary of the association. In 1991 he was appointed Honorary Vice President of the HLV. Steinmetz was a member of the advisory board of the German Olympic Society for six years. In 1990 he also became an honorary board member of the Association of Friends of Athletics . On June 11, 2004 Steinmetz was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany by the Lord Mayor of Kassel for his services . In 1991 he was awarded the highest distinction, the DLV Ring of Honor , from the German Athletics Association .


From 1950 Steinmetz published articles on current athletics, but also on history. He reconstructed the championship results from the early days of German athletics and published the results of his research in the professional journal Leichtathletik and in the DLV yearbooks as early as the 1950s . In 1973 he published the first volume in his history of German athletics, the standard work on the German championships from 1898 to 1972. The following volumes 2 to 5 were edited by the athlete Gerd Hornberger .

The second focus of activity, alongside the German championships, was the history of the German national athletics team and the successes of German athletes at international championships. In addition, he wrote statistical articles for the programs of national and international events, such as the booklets for the Berlin Marathon . After Steinmetz moved to a supervised dormitory in 2004, his statistical collections are stored in the House of Athletics in Darmstadt .


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