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Gérard Huet (born July 7, 1947 in Bourges ) is a French computer scientist.


Huet received his doctorate in 1972 from Case Western Reserve University with George Ernst (Ph. D., topic: Constrained Resolution: A Complete Method for Higher-Order Logic) and in 1976 at the University of Paris VII with Maurice Nivat (Résolution d'équations dans des langages d'ordre 1, 2, ..., omega) He was a professor at the University of Paris VII (Denis Diderot). He also conducted research at the Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique (INRIA).

In 1973 he proved the undecidability of the problem of unification in 3rd order logic and higher level ( type theory ). But he developed an algorithm to search for unifiers. He deals with automatic proof systems, constructive math, and proof assistants (like Coq ). and various other areas of theoretical computer science and software engineering.

In 1980 he published a fundamental paper on reduction systems . From 1984 to 1985 he developed the ML variant Caml at INRIA. He also studies the formal linguistic structure of Sanskrit and computer linguistics of Sanskrit.

In 1998 he received the Herbrand Award , in 2009 the EATCS Award and in 2013 the ACM Software System Award together with several IT specialists .

He is a member of the Académie des Sciences and the Academia Europaea .

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