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Görres is the family name of the following people:

  • Albert Görres (1918–1996), psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, professor at the Technical University of Munich
  • Carl-Josef Görres (1905–1973), engineer, management consultant, brother of Albert Görres
  • Guido Görres (1805-1852), writer
  • Ida Friederike Görres (1901–1971), née Countess Coudenhove, writer, wife of Carl Josef Görres
  • Joseph Görres (1776–1848), German high school and university teacher, natural philosopher and Catholic publicist
  • Marie Görres (1808–1871), German writer, caretaker of her father's estate, Joseph von Görres
  • Sascha Görres (* 1980), German soccer player
  • Silvia Görres (1925–2015), German psychotherapist and author

Görres is the name of the following high schools:

The following monuments bear the name of Görres :