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Gas oil mixture
Brief description Gas oils
CAS number
  • 64741-44-2
  • 64741-77-1
  • 70592-77-7
  • 68915-96-8
  • 68955-27-1
  • 64741-82-8
Physical state liquid
safety instructions
GHS labeling of hazardous substances
02 - Highly / extremely flammable 07 - Warning 08 - Dangerous to health 09 - Dangerous for the environment


H and P phrases H: 226-315-332-304-350-373-410
P: 210-280-260-264-201-202-281-273-301 + 330 + 331-303 + 361 + 353-363-304 + 340-310-305 + 351 + 338-308 + 313-391-405-501
As far as possible and customary, SI units are used. Unless otherwise noted, the data given apply to standard conditions .

Gas oil (also known as English straight-run , middle oil, blue oil or green oil hereinafter) is a precursor of middle distillates such as diesel fuel and heating oil , which is taken directly from the fractionation of petroleum and its boiling point of 190-400 ° C. The cetane number is roughly between 40 and 60 and is therefore very high. Often the proportion of alkanes is rather high and the aromatics proportion rather low. After desulphurisation, diesel engines that are not too demanding could already be operated with it. Two gas oil fractions are often produced (light gas oil: 225 and 300 ° C, heavy gas oil: 300 and 390 ° C), an advantage that pays off in the production of diesel with more stringent environmental specifications. However, the proportion of these fractions is not sufficient to meet market demand. There are also some higher-boiling components that cause problems in combustion and promote soot formation. The gas oil is still chemically processed (e.g. hydrodesulphurisation ). In addition to kerosene , other high -boiling components produced by means of thermal, catalytic and hydrocracking (from crude oil refinement) are added in order to ultimately obtain diesel fuel and EL heating oil.

Gas oil, or the English-language trade specifications, denote:


At the end of the 19th century, gas oil was already being used for firing steam locomotives. Gas oil, like motor kerosene , was used in diesel engines for commercial vehicles in the 1920s , before modern diesel fuels emerged.

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