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Guest room. Auerbachs Keller , Leipzig, 1988.

A guest room is a room in a hospitality building .


There are two common uses of the term: A guest room in the broader sense is a room in the guest area, in contrast to rooms that are only accessible to staff, such as the kitchens or the living rooms and lounges for staff.

A guest room in the narrower sense is a room in the guest area that is used for the stay of guests, but not for living and sleeping, such as dining rooms and conference rooms. In this narrower sense, the guest room is distinguished from the accommodation room . For fire protection, there are regulations on the presence of doors or the nature of partition walls.


Ballroom used as a dining room in the Savoy Hotel London, 1907.

One of the main characteristics of guest rooms is that “all room-functional properties must be subordinate to the design”. Guest rooms are therefore representative of the interior design of their time. The functions of guest rooms depend on the operating mode of a restaurant : There are taprooms or dining rooms, ballrooms , event rooms (in historical buildings often a ballroom or theater hall) and other common rooms such as a smoking room , billiard room or bowling alley . Small restaurants often only have a tavern as a guest room, with tables and seating for the guests and the usually prescribed buffet .


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