Combat readiness

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The combat readiness (NATO English combat readiness ) in the Bundeswehr is the ability of a unit or a service unit , in operational structure , to fulfill an order with full personnel and material strength . The term is widespread in German-speaking armed forces and is often used in direct connection with ready to fight; ready for action (English: combat ready ) or military readiness (English: operational readiness ) used.

Preparedness for combat at the Warsaw Pact

Triggering of a combat alarm in a unit of the KGB border troops (Kazakhstan, 1984)

According to the military doctrine of the Warsaw Pact, combat readiness is understood to mean the readiness and ability of troops to commence combat activities ( operations ) in good time and in an organized manner under all conditions and to successfully complete the combat tasks assigned to them . It demanded of the troops at any time and in any situation to thwart a surprise attack by an aggressor both with nuclear weapons and with conventional weapons, to destroy his main missile nuclear weapons and troop groups by rapid devastating blows and thus favorable conditions for continued leadership and a victorious end of war to create.

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