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Against culture (engl. Counter culture ) discloses a specific, long-term effective socially subgroup of a given culture . In contrast to a “ subculture ” - according to John Milton Yinger - “counterculture” means the questioning of primary values and norms of the majority culture. Sometimes (social) visions and ideas of utopia play a role.

Early examples of such countercultures can be found in the traveling folk such as wandering artisans , the vagabond movement , pietism, and the early labor movement .

Some youth cultures of the 20th century are also called countercultures. Examples are: Wandervogel , Swing-Jugend , Hippie-Movement , 68er-Movement , Provo-Movement , New Social Movements and in the GDR from the 1970s to the mid-1980s the blueser or customer scene . Since the 1980s, the punk movement has been understood as a younger counterculture , which has spread around the world from Great Britain (e.g. punk in Indonesia ).

A counter-public or even a parallel society can emerge from a counterculture .

In art, countercultures often form in the underground .


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