Opponent (magazine)

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description German-language literary magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Literary magazine
language German
publishing company Basic pressure
First edition October 1999
attitude November 2013
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Opponent was an irregular, German-language literary magazine . The magazine was founded in 1999 by the literary scholar Andreas Hansen , the writer Bert Papenfuß , the publisher Stefan Ret and the philosopher Hugo Velarde as the successor to the magazines Sklaven und Sklaven Aufstand (1994–1999) and was published by BasisDruck Verlag in Berlin . The monthly published texts from literature, art, philosophy and economics and combined them with texts from the archive of the revolutionary tradition. The magazine felt obliged to the writer Franz Jung , who published a magazine from 1931–1933 entitled Der Vorteil, and his environment.

“People all around! GEGNER accentuates displeasure and attests to the view without any blessing of consolation that cannot be with us. "

- Extract from the general line, opponent's declaration 1

As a follow-up publication, the magazine Abwärts has been published since March 2014 ! , also published by BasisDruck Verlag in Berlin . The bimonthly periodical is a joint product of the magazines slaves , opponents , floppy myriapoda , telegraph and Zonic . The editors of the telegraph are working on the downward trend! discontinued in spring 2015.

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