Municipal Council (Netherlands)

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Municipality Oude IJsselstreek , March 2010: Mayor Alberse (center) inaugurated the council members (standing front and right).

The municipal council is one of the three administrative bodies of the municipalities in the Netherlands .

It is elected every four years. All residents of the municipality are entitled to vote. If you are not a citizen of the Netherlands or another EU member state, you must have been legally resident in the Netherlands for at least five years.

The municipal council has budgetary, supervisory and regulatory power and elects the councilors, the wethouders . As a rule, they come from the local parties, but are not allowed to belong to the municipal council at the same time. Together with the mayor appointed by the Reich government, they form the college van burgemeester en wethouders , the municipal government.

Since the Wet dualisering gemeentebestuur (law on the dualization of community leadership ) of 2002, a community council has to employ an official who griffier . It is the counterpart to the secretaris des college and is intended to improve the independence of the council vis-à-vis the municipal administration.

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