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The Common Corporation File ( GKD ) is a German-language authority file for the appointment of names of corporations . It was mainly used for indexing in libraries .

The common corporation file was created in the 1970s from the corporation data of the journal database (ZDB). Like the subject headings authority file (SWD) and the personal names file (PND), it was jointly maintained and updated by the German National Library (DNB), the Bavarian State Library , the Berlin State Library and, since 1997, the Austrian National Library , with several library associations participating. The responsible editorial office was at the Berlin State Library.

In April 2004 the GKD contained over 915,000 data records. At the end of April 2012, the GKD was absorbed into the Common Authority File (GND) with a total of 1,145,000 data records .

GKD on microfiche


As with SWD and PND were as rules the rules for alphabetical cataloging applied (RAK-WB). This stipulates, among other things, what is to be considered a corporation. This includes, among other authorities and associations of persons as the Company of companies and associations , as well as conferences and exhibitions .

In addition to names ( preferred terms and synonyms ) of individual corporations, GKD data records contain links to higher-level corporations as well as earlier and later names.

GKD data records are uniquely identified by an ID number, the GKD number. The GKD number consists of digits and contains a check digit in the last position, which can also be 'X' (for 10). The number ranges were divided into quotas according to the library network so that it can be determined in which network they were created.

The GKD was available on microfiche for information systems in libraries (there usually via library networks) and in other areas . It was later distributed on the authority file CD-ROM and via a Z39.50 interface. There was a separate MAB format (MAB-GKD) for exchanging authority data .

Example of a GKD data record

GKD on microfiche
ID number
Institute for Library Science <Berlin>
Source: telM to DBL
Corporate body data
October 1, 1994 -
1. Referral
University <Berlin, Humboldt University> / Institute for Library Science
2. Referral
University <Berlin, Humboldt University> / Philosophical Faculty <1> / Institute for Library Science
Previous name (reference to a separate data record)
Institute for Library Science and Scientific Information <Berlin>
country code

The example is not given directly in the internal PICA + or MAB format.

References between GKD data sets

The data records of the GKD can refer to one another by "earlier / later names" and "belonging to". The following example contains an excerpt:


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Individual evidence

  1. The allocation of the numbers began with GND 1-2 (formerly GKD) for the series of events "Conference of Non-Nuclear Weapon States".