Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod

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Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod or Lady Usher of the Black Rod , commonly referred to simply as Black Rod , is (formally) an office of the Order of the Garter . It is known for the role that its official in the British Parliament plays . Based on this, a number of parliaments in other Commonwealth countries also occupy this position. In German, the title can be roughly translated as “gatekeeper of the black staff”.

In the House of Lords , the Black Rod represents the British monarch. The name of the title is derived from its symbol of authority, an ebony staff with a golden lion. Its counterpart in the House of Commons is the Sergeant-at-Arms . The most popular task of the Black Rod is its central role at the opening of parliament .

In England , the office was created by royal decree in 1350, although the name used today did not come into being until 1522. Other Commonwealth countries followed suit when they adopted the Westminster parliamentary system. The monarch-appointed Black Rod performs a number of official acts: he is the monarch's personal representative in the House of Lords, secretary to the Lord Great Chamberlain, and usher and porter at meetings of the Garter .

At each meeting of the Lords, the Black Rod or his deputy, the Yeoman Usher , must be present. Your job is to arrest any lord (or senator) who breaks the house rules of Parliament, such as: B. Contempt and disruption of parliamentary operations or improper behavior. In the UK he is also a representative of the commission responsible for the security and upkeep of the Palace of Westminster .

In November 2017, Sarah Clarke was named the first Lady Usher of the Black Rod in office. She competed on February 13, 2018.

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