Geoffroy de Brionne

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Geoffroy de Brionne called Geoffroy Crispin († probably 1015) from the Rolloniden family was Count of Eu at the beginning of the 11th century.

He was the eldest son of Richard I , Duke of Normandy and the Dane Gunnora , but was not his successor. Instead, after the death of his father, he received the county of Eu from his brother Richard II , while the title of Count von Brionne is doubtful. When Ordericus Vitalis writes that his father gave him the castle and county of Brionne , Torigni only speaks of the fortress and Richard II. What is certain is that Geoffroy was at least castellan of Brionne .


From an unknown wife he had a son, Gilbert de Brionne , who followed him as Count of Eu and probably also as Count of Brionne. He is the progenitor of the Clare family through him .

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