List of the Counts of Eu

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The county Eu in the northernmost corner of Normandy with its capital Eu was the end of the 10th century for an illegitimate son of the first Duke of Normandy, I. Richard , furnished.

Counts of Eu


House Lusignan

House Brienne

The county of Eu is confiscated and given to the Capetian branch Artois in 1351 .

House of France-Artois ( Capetians )

House of Burgundy

Burgundian Eu 1472–1477

House Kleve-Mark (House Kleve-Nevers)

  • Engelbert von Kleve (* 1462; † 1506), son of Johann and Elisabeth, naturalized in France in 1486, titular count of Auxerre in 1490 , 4th count of Eu, Rethel and Étampes, peer of France, 1504 1st count of Nevers; ⚭ 1490 Charlotte de Bourbon (* 1474, † 1520), daughter of Johann II. Count of Vendôme
  • Charles († 1521) 2nd Count of Nevers, 5th Count of Eu, Peer of France, son of Engelbert; ⚭ Marie d'Albret (* 1491, † 1549) 1506 Countess of Rethel, 1521 3rd Countess of Nevers, daughter of Jeans d'Albret, Sire d' Orval , 1494 Count of Rethel, and Charlottes of Burgundy
  • François I (* 1516; † 1562) 1521 6th Count of Eu etc., 1538 1st Duke of Nevers, peer of France, son of Charles and Maries d'Albret
  • François II (* 1540; † 1562) 1562 2nd Duke of Nevers, Peer of France, 7th Count of Eu etc., son of François I
  • Jacques (* 1544; † 1564) 1563 3rd Duke of Nevers, Peer of France, 8th Count of Eu, Count of Rethel etc., son of François I
  • Henri († 1564), Count of Eu, son of François I
  • Catherine (* 1548; † 1633) 1566 9th Countess of Eu, daughter of François I ⚭ Henri I de Lorraine, duc de Guise

House Guise

House of Bourbon

The title falls to the crown

July Monarchy


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  • Louis Estancelin: Histoire des comtes d'Eu , Rouen, impr. de Mogard père, 1828.