Gilbert de Brionne

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Gilbert de Brionne († around 1040) from the Rolloniden family was Count of Eu and perhaps also Count of Brionne . He was the son of Geoffroy de Brionne († probably 1015) and grandson of Duke Richard I of Normandy .


Gilbert followed his uncle in County Eu at an unknown date. Following the historian Pierre Bauduin , Duke Robert I appointed him Count at the beginning of the 1030s, which would explain why he was leading a campaign in Vimeu against his neighbor Enguerrand I of Ponthieu at the same time . The historian Robert von Torigni places the transfer of the county of Eu to the time shortly before Gilbert's death in 1040.

In addition, Gilbert may have been Count von Brionne. This is attested by Ordericus Vitalis , but the history of this county remains largely in the dark. What is certain is that from 1032 onwards he called himself Graf, without historians being able to assign him a county. As an opponent of the Giroie family, he fought with them for control of the Pays d'Ouche ; after the death of Giroie the Elder, he tried to take away the heir from Montreuil-l'Argillé .

After the murder of Duke Alain III. of Brittany (October 1, 1040) he was his successor as guardian of the young Duke Wilhelm II , but himself murdered in the same year by Robert, the son of Giroies the Elder, at the instigation of his cousin Raoul de Gacé .


Gilbert de Brionne had at least two sons:


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