Duchy of Montpensier

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The French rule of Montpensier (named after the town of Montpensier in the Puy-de-Dôme department ) came from the property of the Lords of Thiern to the Lords of Beaujeu through marriage at the end of the 12th century , who in turn passed on to the House of France -Dreux inherited. Since the descendants of this marriage died out in 1346, the Vice Counts of Ventadour from the House of Comborn took over the inheritance in 1358.

In 1384 Bernard and Robert de Ventadour sold Montpensier to Duke Jean von Berry , whose sons Charles and Jean were the first two Counts of Montpensier. After her heirless death, her sister Marie brought the property with her into her marriage to Jean I , Duke of Bourbon . The county was then successively owned by Louis I de Bourbon , the younger son of Jean I and Marie, and his descendants except for Charles III. de Bourbon-Montpensier , the famous Connétable of France , who also became Duke of Bourbon through his marriage to his cousin Suzanne de Bourbon in 1505.

After the confiscation by King Francis I , the county was returned to Louise de Bourbon-Montpensier in 1538 , the sister of the Connétable and widow of the Prince of La-Roche-sur-Yon, and to her son Louis III. , also raised to the Duchy of Montpensier and a peerage in 1539 . Marie , daughter and heir of Duke Henri , married Jean-Baptiste Gaston de Bourbon , Duke of Orléans and brother of King Louis XIII in 1626 . Her daughter and heiress was Anne Marie Louise , known as La Grande Mademoiselle .

The title subsequently stayed in the House of Orléans and was worn by Antoine Philippe , son of Louis-Philippe II. Joseph de Bourbon, duc d'Orléans , called Philippe Egalité , and Antoine d'Orléans , son of the French King Louis-Philippe and father-in-law of the Spanish King Alfonso XII. Mademoiselle de Montpensier was a title awarded several times within the royal family, especially in the years before the French Revolution .

Lords of Montpensier

The lordship of Montpensier was elevated to a county on April 2, 1350.

Johanna II. Was a daughter of Johann II. From his second marriage, so not a descendant of Johannas I, thus not entitled to inheritance for Montpensier, but for Dreux etc. The closest blood relatives were nieces of Humbert II., Blanche and Marguerite de Beaujeu. Blanche was married to Philippe I. de Chauvigny († 1310), Marguerite to Ebles / Hélie VIII., Vice Count of Ventadour from the House of Comborn († before 1321). Their son Bernard, Vice Count of Ventadour, came into the possession of Montpensier in 1358.

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  • Bernard, Vice Count of Ventadour in 1329, † after 1390, lord of Montpensier in 1358, son of Ebles VIII. De Ventadour and Marguerite de Beaujeu, niece of Humbert II. De Beaujeu
  • Robert and Bernard de Ventadour, sons of Bernard, sell Montpensier in 1381 to Jean de Valois, Duke of Berry .

Counts of Montpensier

Dukes of Montpensier

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