Maria (Auvergne)

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Maria von Berry (French Marie de Berry , * probably 1367; † June 1434 in Lyon ) was Duchess of Auvergne from 1370 . She was a daughter of Duke Jean de Valois, duc de Berry ( House of Valois ) and his wife Jeanne d'Armagnac.

On March 29, 1386 she married in Bourges Louis III. de Châtillon , who died in 1391.

The following year, on January 27, 1392, she married Philippe d'Artois , Count of Eu and Connétable of France, in Paris . Your children from this marriage were:

After she was widowed again on June 16, 1397, she married on June 22, 1400 in Paris Jean I , 1410 Duke of Bourbon . Your children from this marriage were: