Jean I. de Bourbon

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Jean I. de Bourbon (* 1381 ; † 1434 in London ) was a Duke of Bourbon , Lord of Mercœur and Count of Forez from 1410 . He was a son of Duke Louis II of Bourbon and Anne d'Auvergne, Countess of Forez.


Jean attacked the English in the Limousin and Guyenne during the Hundred Years War , where he took several fortresses from them. Initially partisan of Duke John Fearless of Burgundy , he became angry opponent of the Burgundians after the murder of Duke Ludwig von Orléans in 1407. He joined the Armagnacs , with whom he entered Paris in 1413 . In 1415 he survived the Battle of Azincourt , but was captured there and held in London until his death .

Marriage and offspring

In 1400, Jean I married Marie de Berry , Duchess of Auvergne and Countess of Montpensier , daughter of Duke Jean de Valois and his wife Johanna von Armagnac . Their children together were:

In addition, he had several illegitimate children:


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