Georg Lehmann-Fahrwasser

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Georg Lehmann-Fahrwasser (born February 8, 1887 near Danzig , † March 17, 1977 in Berlin ) was a German landscape painter .


From 1920 to 1923 Lehmann-Fahrwasser received lessons in landscape and still life painting from Hans Licht . In the same period, until 1924, he completed his studies in nude and portrait painting with Leo von König . Between 1927 and 1928 Lehmann-Fahrwasser attended the State Art School in Berlin. Since 1923 he exhibited frequently in the Great Berlin Art Exhibition. From 1946 he was a member of the Berlin Artists Association. Lehmann-Fahrwasser's preferred landscape motifs were the low mountain ranges , the Baltic Sea , the Alps and later also Berlin park and palace views.

Lehmann-Fahrwasser worked as a secondary school teacher in Berlin, where he lived from 1912 until his death.

His brother was the painter Paul Lehmann-Braun , who was two years his senior , who also called himself “Lehmann-Fahrwasser” from 1918 to 1923.


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