George Edward Cokayne

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George Edward Cokayne in 1900.

George Edward Cokayne FSA (until 1873: George Edward Adams; born April 29, 1825 , † August 6, 1911 ) was a British genealogist and long-time Officer of Arms at the College of Arms in London.

Cokayne studied law and was a barrister with a Master of Arts degree . He married Mary Dorothea Gibbs in 1856, daughter of George Henry Gibbs and Caroline Crawley. His heraldry career began in 1859 with a position as Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of Arms in Ordinary (i.e., as a junior clerk in the Office of Arms). In 1870 he was promoted to the Lancaster Herald of Arms in Ordinary , in 1882 to the Norroy King of Arms , the lowest ranking of the three English Kings of Arms . In 1894, he was promoted to Clarenceux King of Arms , the second highest of the English Kings of Arms. He died as incumbent in 1911.

George Edward Cokayne is the author of The Complete Peerage , the first edition of which appeared between 1887 and 1898.

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