George Gerbner

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George Gerbner

George Gerbner (born August 8, 1919 in Budapest , † December 24, 2005 in Philadelphia ) was a Hungarian-American communication scientist and poet . He is considered the founder of cultivation analysis .


He emigrated from Hungary to the United States in 1939, where he received a BA in Journalism from UC Berkeley in 1942 . In 1943 he joined the United States Army , where he was released with the rank of First Lieutenant. He then worked as a freelance writer and lecturer in journalism at El Camino College , where he earned his MA in 1951. In 1955 he received his doctorate in communication science from the University of Southern California (topic Toward a General Theory of Communication ).

From 1964 to 1989 he was dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania .

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