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Hüttenrauch (in dialects is also called Hüttrach, Hittrach, Hidri etc.) is a technical term for both during the smelting of metals , such as in blast furnace operation , resulting dust , which in fly ash can be separated chambers, as well as gaseous components ( exhaust gas ), the only precipitate as dust when they cool down . They can be neutralized or separated by specific wet washing . Historically, arsenic in particular was referred to as smelting smoke .


The toxic or at least harmful exhaust gases have always been those containing arsenic . Historically, “smelting smoke” (in the Middle Ages also called tutia in Latin and tuttiān in Middle High German ) exclusively refers to the arsenic or arsenic trioxide (As 2 O 3 ) obtained as white powder in long, cooling channels that favor precipitation . It is still of importance as a starting material for various arsenic compounds and for the pure preparation of the semi-metal arsenic.

Primary lead producers deal with the optimization of arsenic precipitation in their wastewater treatment plants .

Other air pollutants

The lead and silver smelter Braubach with the distinctive three chimneys

The harmful exhaust gases also include nitrogen oxides , easily recognized by the yellowish-reddish plume above the edge of the chimney, and the toxic sulfur dioxide , which is associated with humidity according to the formula

reacts to sulphurous acid .

Other uses

The Arsenikessern applies arsenic as a drug , they use it in their view also benefits him from medicine long considered roborant were awarded. It became better known for pest control ( cockroaches ), but especially as a mouse poison .

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