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The Römpp Lexikon Chemie first appeared in print in 1947. The reference work has now become an online encyclopedia Römpp Online , which is published by Georg Thieme Verlag in Stuttgart . The work comprises around 62,000 keywords that are linked by 210,000 cross-references, as well as more than 14,500 structural formulas and graphics. It has become a standard work in chemical literature .



The sixth edition in four volumes from 1966
Römpp Lexicon Chemistry
Edition appearance
Volumes Number of
1 1947 1 07,700
2 1950 2 12,000
3 1952 2 15,000
4th 1958 2 24,700
5 1962 3 28,850

The first edition of the "Chemistry Lexicon", edited by Hermann Römpp , was published in 1947 by Franckh'schen Verlagshandlung Stuttgart. Römpp had the idea for a lexicon back in 1938 when he realized that there was no comprehensive reference work in the field of chemistry in the German-speaking area.

The lexicon initially appeared in individual deliveries of around 80 pages each and was complete in spring 1948. Shortly afterwards, Hermann Römpp began revising and expanding it, so that the second edition appeared in two volumes as early as 1950. All editions written by Hermann Römpp and published by Franckh'schen Verlagshandlung Stuttgart are listed below.

Hermann Römpp was the sole author in all these years. While he was still working on the sixth edition, Römpp died after a long illness in April 1964. After Römpp's death, Erhard Ühlein took over work on the chemical dictionary in 1964. Ühlein, who was in correspondence with Römpp as a schoolboy, has been involved in the lexicon with his suggestions and correction work since the second edition. In 1966 he completed the sixth edition, which Römpp had already largely edited himself.

Shortly after the sixth edition was published, he began work on the next edition. But soon afterwards, Ühlein had just rewritten 150 headwords, this work was interrupted by his untimely death. Erhard Ühlein died in 1969 at the age of 44.

Seventh and eighth editions

In 1973 Otto-Albrecht Neumüller brought his experience as a librarian and documentary specialist to work on the lexicon, which he shared with two employees. It was worked on the basis of an index card system with approx. 300,000 entries.

Neumüller and his colleagues had made it their business to expand the sixth edition and to check that all key words were correct. The extension served to integrate new knowledge such as the HMO theory, the quarks and the Woodward-Hoffmann rules . The review was made necessary by adapting names, designations and formulas to the IUPAC nomenclature.

Both the seventh and eighth editions are six volumes and each contain around 40,000 headwords. The seventh edition, published in 1977, received the literary prize of the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie .

Change of publisher

In 1988 Römpp moved to Georg Thieme Verlag. In place of Neumüller's “small editorial team”, a team of 32 authors, the two editors Jürgen Falbe and Manfred Regitz and the editorial team took the place of editing the ninth edition, which appeared in 1989 .

Thanks to this teamwork, it was possible to update the entire lexicon within three years: in 1992 the expanded and revised ninth edition was completely available. In 1999 the last volume of the six-volume tenth edition was published. The printed edition of the main work came to an end with this edition and was no longer continued. Instead, an electronic version was offered on CD-ROM that ran under the Duden library software and was therefore available for Windows , Mac OS and Linux . The lexicon was also available as a USB stick .

Thematic development

Areas such as the environment, natural substances or biochemistry have already been greatly expanded in the ninth edition. However, in order to better do justice to the importance of these subject areas, the Georg Thieme Verlag decided to supplement the Römpp Chemie Lexikon with the following special dictionaries:

  • Biotechnology and genetic engineering (1st edition 1992, 2nd edition 1999)
  • Environment (1st edition 1993, 2nd edition 1999)
  • Food chemistry (1st edition 1994, 2nd edition 2006)
  • Paints and Printing Inks (1997)
  • Natural substances (1997, English edition 2000)

Römpp Online

Römpp Online
Area of ​​Expertise editor
and genetic engineering
Uwe Bornscheuer ( Greifswald )
Wolfgang Streit ( Hamburg )
chemistry Bernd Dill (Frankfurt)
Fred Robert Heiker (Wuppertal)
Andreas Kirschning ( Hanover )
Food chemistry Gerhard Eisenbrand ( Kaiserslautern )
Natural substances Burkhard Fugmann (Leverkusen)
Georg Pohnert ( Jena )
environment Thomas Gamse ( Graz )
Uwe Dingerdissen

The reference work has been available as an online version since 2002, and a license agreement must be concluded with the publisher in order to use it. 57 updates had been incorporated by November 2013. More than 250 authors are now working at the Römpp. The keyword inventory is divided into the five subject areas of biotechnology and genetic engineering , chemistry , food chemistry , natural substances and the environment .

An annual license costs around 250 euros.

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